Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars using Bran Cereal

It was a lousy afternoon and I felt like eating something and reached out to the bran flakes cereal box only to find out that it was almost over and what was left was about a cup or so of crumbled flakes.

No point in pouring milk on it and making it soggy. I thought maybe I will make a banana cereal smoothie like before then changed my thought and decided to bake something using the bran flakes.

Also I wanted to break the bad baking spell I was going through. Yes the 3 things I had baked during the weeks prior to that, all were a terrible disaster for some unknown reason. So wanted to bake something simple and straight-forward like cookies or muffins.

I was browsing for recipes in Pinterest and later moved over to the All Bran website to see if I could find anything interesting and found this chocolate chip cookie bars recipe.

It was nothing fancy, used simple ingredients and I just had to replace 1 egg. Initially I thought of using Ener-G as it works best in all types of cookie recipes. But whenever I post a recipe using Ener-G I keep getting asked what else can be use instead of it, we don't get it here, etc.

The other substitute for this recipe or any cookie recipe mostly is flax eggbut the drawback using flax is it will make the cookie soft and chewy. You won't get a crispy cookie. I didn't want these no egg chocolate chip cookie bars to be soft.

That's when I thought maybe I should try cornstarch in place of the egg in the recipe. I have never tried that as an egg substitute. If you look at the ingredients in the Ener-G egg replacer it is mainly potato and tapioca starch.

So I was thinking why won't cornstarch work in the recipe. It will act as a binding agent, which I think is the purpose of the egg in this bran cookie bar recipe.

So what is the verdict? Is cornstarch alone a good egg substitute in baking recipes? Not sure yet. I cannot come to that conclusion based on this recipe alone. I think it worked well pretty good in this recipe. I'm not sure if the texture would have been different had I used Ener-G.

How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Without Eggs?

Here are the step-by-step instructions with pictures:

In a large bowl add the ingredients in Part-1In a large bowl add the ingredients in Part-1 (see below for the full recipe) Whisk together the dry-ingredients.Whisk together the dry-ingredients. Combine ingredients listed in Part-2 below.Combine ingredients listed in Part-2 below. Stir in the wet mix into the flour-mix.Stir in the wet mix into the flour-mix. Mix in the chocolate chips and walnuts.Mix in the chocolate chips and walnuts. Spread the dough into the prepare pan.Spread the dough into the prepare pan. Bake for 30-minutes.Bake for 30-minutes. After completely cooled offAfter completely cooled off Cut them into slices.Cut them into slices. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars in a container.Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars in a container.

Hope to experiment more with cornstarch in the future. Now to the eggless chocolate chip cookie bar recipe.